6 twists on foundations plantings

Foundation planting refers to the plants that directly border your home’s foundation. The right look can make your home more welcoming or even a tad more dramatic. Some people are born with a green thumb while others have a difficult time picturing what their home could be. Maybe you know what you like but aren’t certain what’s right for your home. For a few ideas that you may not have considered, consider the following twists on traditional foundation planting.


Skip The Structure


Foundational plantings sometimes look incredibly formal, forming stiff rows of color in front of the home. However, you may get better results if you have one or two focal-point plants around your home that you group colorful shrubs around. Azaleas, salvias, and spireas will all serve as excellent highlights for the main event.


Modern And Minimalist


As with a lot of things in life, less is more. Many contemporary homes will use just a few rush marches to get a little greenery in an otherwise stark environment. This style might not be great for a 4-bedroom Tudor, but it will look excellent on a sleek home with a high wall as a barrier. There are plenty of shrubs you can get, like pale rush, that don’t require a lot of maintenance. How’s that for simplifying things?


Wild And Wonderful


There’s no rule saying that your foundational plants can’t bring a touch of the wild to your home. There are plenty of plumes, grasses, and seeds that will bring the meadow from the forest to your home. Trim the foliage when winter comes along or leave it as is for a little more visual flair and texture (even when the rest of the neighborhood looks a touch barren.)


Drama In Tight Spaces


If you have a small patio or deck between your home and garage, then make it a lot more dramatic by giving the garage foundation and home the right plants. You might be surprised at how good larger plants (like elephant ears) look in such a tight space. Contrast greenery on one side with a different color on the other, such as dark purple or even bright orange. It may create a more inviting space to encourage people to use the deck more often.


A Different Take On Traditional


There’s nothing wrong with wanting the more traditional shrubs that tend to border a home, especially if that’s what you’re used to. Evergreens are usually the go-to for homeowners because they truly do look beautiful all year round. If you want a small twist, try breaking the greenery into different shapes (e.g., circles or geometrically correct squares.) Or use boxwoods (rectangular containers to hold a single specimen) to break up the shrubs and to add a little more color amongst all the dark green.


Pale Green And Silver


For a more Mediterranean look, consider using olive trees or muted rosemary shrubs to complement a stone home. The paler colors won’t draw a lot of attention, but they can make it appear more understated. You can think of this choice like using the minimalist style with just a little extra.



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