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February Newsletter

 February Newsletter Winter TLC for Your Chicago Home Hello, Chicago Homeowners! As we embrace the heart of winter, our homes continue to provide us with warmth and shelter. We’re back with another essential home maintenance tip to keep your abode cozy and well-maintained during the chilly month ahead. Tip of the Month: Love Your Plumbing – […]

Lead Paint

Dear Homebuyers, Homeowners, and Realtors, Welcome to our blog, where we unravel an often-overlooked aspect of the homebuying journey – lead paint testing. In this concise letter, we’ll explore why this step is a must for every savvy homebuyer. Health First: Lead exposure, especially for children, can lead to developmental issues and health concerns. Testing […]

December Newsletter

 December Newsletter Winter Wisdom for Chicago Homeowners Hello, Chicago Homeowners! The magical season of snowflakes, twinkling lights, and warm gatherings is upon us. As we revel in the holiday spirit, let’s not forget about the important task of home maintenance. We’re sharing a valuable tip to keep your abode cozy and well-maintained throughout the winter, ensuring […]

November News Letter

November Edition Newsletter  Your Guide to Fall Home Greetings! As we bid farewell to the colorful leaves and welcome the first snowflakes, November reminds us that winter is just around the corner. We’re back with another essential home maintenance tip to ensure your abode remains cozy and well-prepared for the colder months ahead. Tip of […]

Stay on Budget and Keep the Holiday Jolly

The season to be jolly is fast approaching. However, even though the holiday season is filled with happiness and joyous moments, it comes with its fair share of challenges; the major one being overspending. You may be having a budget every year, but you are always unable to stick to it and hence find yourself having spent well over your budget at the end of the holiday season.

This year we want to help you change that by following these helpful and useful tips:

Tip 1: Make a Realistic Estimate of Your Holiday Expenses

It is unfortunate that when making a budget, most people underestimate their expenses. They only include certain costs such as gift and decoration purchases but they leave out plenty of other expenses. Consider other costs such as travel, food, alcohol, and special events. By doing so, you will have a more realistic idea of your total projected cash output. If your total projection seems out of reach, make a conscious decision on what to cut back. You do not have to host a lavish party to have fun. You can still spend less and have a great time with friends and family.

Tip 2: Start Shopping Early

There are less than 20 days left before Christmas. There is plenty of time to take advantage of the sales. Most people will wait until the last minute and end up getting caught in the last-minute rush to purchase gifts. Do not be that person. Start your gift shopping early preferably earlier in the year. This way, you can spread the costs so they do not hit you all at once. Looking for bargains on unique gift items not only saves you money but can also be fun. You should definitely try it.

Tip 3: Consider Gifts That Are Big On Thoughtfulness But Small On Cost

When most people hear homemade gifts, their minds quickly shift to ugly presents. This does not have to be the case. If you have a talent or a creative gift, put your creativity to work and save money this holiday season. If you love baking, try some new recipes and surprise your friends. Their taste buds will surely be grateful. Also,

think about the services you can offer. If you are good with kids, offer to give childcare which is a more meaningful gift than some electronic clock you would have bought.

Tip 4: Be an Educated Consumer

If you have a list of items you need to buy this season, this tip is for you. To save money on your budget, compare shop prices to make sure you buy from the cheapest store. In this internet era, you do not have to step foot in a shop. You can do it all on your laptop from the comfort of your home. Once you have found the best price for an item, go to the manufacturer’s website to look for coupons. If you wish to make an order online, search for free shipping offers. Once you combine the two, you will save loads of money on your gift purchases.

Getting through the holidays and sticking to your budget is an accomplishment you should be proud of. However, you should not beat yourself up if you went a little over the budget. You always have another chance to do it better next year.

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“The biggest part of real estate success is consistency.” – Steve Schnur

Dreams to Realty Success presents Steven Schnur. Steve is a very organized professional who has mastered the skill of great communications, which is the number one skill to master in this industry. I have witnessed his luxury property buyer clientele have a great deal of trust and respect for Steve. We can all learn from Steve.

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“Fear is something that stops you from doing a lot of things.” – David Hernandez

Dreams to Realty Success presents David Hernandez. David is a highly recommended and trusted realtor with an educational teaching background. David is a true professional that works with integrity and organization. He is very knowledgeable and structured. We can all learn from David. I can learn from David.

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“We’re dreamers, let’s go find our dream homes.” – Manny Nevarez

Dreams to Realty success presents Manny Nevarez. Manny is a well-rounded professional who is very knowledgeable in various businesses and very resourceful which is key to real estate success and getting things done. How he got started and what inspires him is an interesting story.

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