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Why cleaning air duct is important?

Air Duct Cleaning

Why should I clean the air duct?

Leaving moisture, dust, pollen, etc., in your ductwork can create a breeding ground for molds and spores,which affects your home. Cleaning the ductwork removes these contaminants and also increases the airflow efficiency of your ductwork which can save energy.

How do I clean the air duct?

A professional service company typically uses specialized tools to dislodge dirt and debris in the ducts and then removes it with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. In addition, the service provider may also have treatments for killing microbiological contaminants.

What are the benefits of cleaning the air ducts?

The benefits of this task are the modest amount of increased energy efficiency that you can see. But if you have people in your home with respiratory issues, then the benefits of this task can be significant.

What is the cost of getting the air duct clean?

The cost of this task is moderately high, as you will need to hire a professional firm to do this task.