Tip of the Month: Check and Clean Your Sump Pump

Hello, Chicago Homeowners!

As the Windy City begins to thaw out from the winter chill, it’s time to turn our attention to essential home maintenance tasks to prepare for the arrival of spring. In this month’s edition, we’re sharing a unique home maintenance tip tailored specifically for the city of Chicago:

Tip of the Month: Check and Clean Your Sump Pump

Living in a city with unpredictable weather patterns like Chicago means being prepared for sudden rainstorms and potential flooding. Your sump pump plays a crucial role in keeping your basement dry and protecting your home from water damage, making it essential to ensure it’s in good working condition.

Why It’s Important:
– Prevent Basement Flooding: Chicago’s flat terrain and heavy rainfall can lead to basement flooding, especially in older homes or areas prone to water accumulation.
– Protect Valuables: Basements often house valuable possessions and serve as additional living space. Keeping them dry is essential to safeguarding your belongings and maintaining a healthy living environment.
– Maintain Home Value: Regular maintenance of your sump pump helps preserve your home’s structural integrity and ensures it remains a valuable asset in the real estate market.

What to Do:
– Test Your Sump Pump: Pour water into the sump pit to ensure the pump activates and discharges water correctly. If it doesn’t turn on or fails to remove water, it may need repairs or replacement.
– Clean the Sump Pit: Remove any debris, dirt, or sediment that may have accumulated in the sump pit. A clean pit allows the pump to function efficiently and prevents clogs.
– Check Backup Power: Ensure your sump pump is equipped with a backup power source, such as a battery or generator, to keep it running during power outages, which often coincide with heavy storms.

Take Action Today:
Don’t wait until the next storm hits to check your sump pump. Take a proactive approach to home maintenance by inspecting and cleaning it now to avoid potential flooding and costly water damage in the future.

Stay tuned for more unique home maintenance tips and updates tailored for Chicago homeowners from our team of experts.

Wishing you a dry and worry-free spring season,

City Home Inspectors, LLC

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